Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Our Comp list

I've compiled a list of great sales below is a link for a printable list
click here for printable comp list

Our Comp list


Item                                            price             store                         ad dates   
Chicken leg Qtrs                   $.59/lb.      Price chopper           2/27 - 3/ 5
Fresh chicken breast          $1/69/lb        Aldi                           2/27 - 3/ 5
Whole frying chicken           $1.19/lb      Country Mart             2/27 - 3/ 5
90% Gr. beef                       $3.59/lb        Aldi                           2/27 - 3/ 5
Ground round                      $       Greenhills                  2/27 - 3/ 5
80% Gr. beef                       $1.99/lb       Piggly Wiggly           2/28 - 3/3
Beef arm roast                    $2.59/lb      Greenhills                  2/27 - 3/ 5
Boneless pork loin              $1.49/lb      Price chopper          2/27 - 3/ 5
Country style pork ribs       $1.59/lb       Greenhills                 2/27 - 3/ 5
Pork butt roast                    $1.29/lb      Price chopper           2/27 - 3/ 5
bone in pork chop              $1.68/lb    Country Mart               2/27 - 3/ 5
Pork steak                          $1.29/lb    Apple Market              2/27 - 3/ 5

Deli Meats
Item                                 size                       price         store              ad date      
Oscar mayer bologna or salami 12oz.     $1.00       Apple market  2/27 - 3/ 5
Bar S bologna or salami 12-16 oz.           $1.00   Apple market     2/27 -3/ 5
Farmland sliced bacon 12 - 16 oz.            $1.97   Country mart     2/27 - 3/ 5

yellow onions      3 lb bag                        $ .99           Aldi                    2/27 - 3/ 5
Avocados                  each                       $.19            Aldi                    2/27 - 3/ 5
Lemons                     each                       $ .19           Aldi                     2/27 - 3/ 5
Cantaloupe               each                       $1.29          Aldi                     2/27 - 3/ 5
Radishes             16 oz.  bag                  $1.00      Apple market         2/27 - 3/ 5
Russet potatoes    15 lb bag                  $1.98     Country mart           2/27 - 3/ 5
Russet potatoes      5 lb bag                  $ .79       Greenhills                2/27 -3/ 5
Dole iceburg salad  12 oz bag              $ .89       Greenhills                2/27 - 3/ 5
Navel oranges           each                      $. 17       Piggly Wiggly         2/27 - 3/ 5
Cabbage                 per lb.                      $. 49       Piggly Wiggly          2/27 - 3/ 5
Bell Peppers             each                      $ .69       Piggly Wiggly          2/27 - 3/ 5
cucumbers                each                      $ .69       Piggly Wiggly           2/27 - 3/ 5
Bananas                per lb.                       $ .33       Price chopper          2/27 - 3/ 5

Best/choice yogurt    6 oz.                     $ .33      Country mart             2/27 - 3/ 5
Hyvee yogurt              6 oz.                     $. 29      Hyvee                        2/27 - 3/ 5
Large eggs               doz.                       $. 99      Hyvee                        2/27 - 3/ 5
Large eggs             18 ct.                      $1.49      Price chopper          2/27 - 3/ 5
Best choice butter      16 oz                 $1.99      Piggly Wiggly            2/27 - 3/ 5
Kraft  singles                                   12 oz               $1.49          Greenhills               2/27 - 3/1
Best choice shredded cheese     6 to 8 oz           $  .99         Pricechopper         2/27 - 3/ 5
Pillsbury Grands biscuits,
  cinnamon rolls or crescents       4 to 12 oz        $1.00         Country Mart           2/27 - 3/ 5
Daisy sour cream                             8 oz               $1.00          Country Mart          2/27 -3/ 5


General Mills cereals               10.7 to 14 oz       $1.98          Hyvee                    2/27 - 3/ 5
best choice cereals                        7 oz                $1.00         Country Mart          2/27 - 3/ 5
Kelloggs                                                                  $3.00         Country Mart         2/27 - 3/ 5
  Rice Krispies 18 oz., Frosted flakes 19 oz., Apple Jacks or Froot Loops 17 oz.,
  Corn Pops 17.5 oz., and Original or Frosted mini wheats 24 oz  

Kelloggs Pop Tarts       6 ct crisps or 12 ct.        $1.77            Country Mart       2/27 - 3/ 5

Always save chips                   10 to 10.5 oz.       $ .97             Country Mart      2/27 - 3/ 5
Tortilla chips                             13 oz                     $1.19             Aldi                   2/27 - 3/ 5                   
Peanuts                                     16 oz                    $2.29              Aldi                  2/27 - 3/ 5

Taco shells                               4.6 oz                    $ .99              Aldi                  2/27 - 3/ 5
taco season pkg.                       1 oz                     $ .35              Aldi                  2/27 - 3/ 5                
Salsa                                         24 oz                    $1.69             Aldi                  2/27 - 3/ 5
refried beans                            16 oz                    $ .79              Aldi                  2/27 - 3/ 5
Hy-vee cond. soups           10.5 - 10.75 oz          $ .39              Hy-vee            2/27 - 3/ 5
 (chicken noodle and tomato soup)
Libby’s vegetables             14.5 oz.                   $ .48             Hen House       2/27 - 3/ 5
(green beans cut or french style, corn whole or cream style and peas)
Hy-vee sloppy joe mix           15.5 oz                  $ .59            Hy-vee              2/27 - 3/ 5
Hy-vee mac/cheese              7.25 oz                   $ . 29           Hy-vee              2/27 - 3/ 5
Barilla pasta                         12 to 16 oz.             $1.00      Apple Market       2/27 - 3/ 5
Hy-vee pasta                        12 to 16 oz              $ .88           Hy-vee               2/27 - 3/ 5
Best choice pasta                12 -16 oz                $ .77        Piggly Wiggly       2/27 - 3/ 5
Best choice pasta sauce         20.5 oz               $ .77       Piggly Wiggly        2/27 - 3/ 5
Hy-vee pizza crust mix            6.5 oz                   $ 39           Hy-vee                2/27 - 3/ 5
New York Texas toast           4.5 to 5 oz            $1.25      Country Mart          2/27 - 3/ 5
 (croutons or tortilla strips)
Hy-vee salad croutons                5 oz                 $ .99         Hy-vee                  2/27 - 3/ 5
Best choice peanut butter         18 oz.               $ .99          Greenhills           2/27 - 3/ 5

Pepsi products 12 pk  12 oz can                     $3.33         Walgreens           2/24 - 3/2
Pepsi products 24 pk 12 oz can                      $5.99          Kmart                  2/24 - 3/2

    Item                            size                    price                  store                       ad date

Coke product  12 pk 12 oz. can           $3.00               Target                       2/24 - 3/2
Coke product  24 pk 12 oz can            $6.00               Hy-vee                      2/27 - 3/ 5

Maxwell House coffee     11.5 oz          $2.50              Country Mart            2/27 - 3/ 5
 (wake up roast)

Hunts Ketchup                24 oz.              $ .98                 Hy-vee                    2/27 - 3/ 5

Hy-vee bread                 20 oz               $ .99                 Hy-vee                      2/27 - 3/ 5
Price chopper white bread 16 oz         $ .89              Price chopper            2/27 - 3/ 5

Kool aid singles drink mix makes 2 qts.  $ .10        Apple Market              2/27 - 3/ 5
Always save sugar            4 lb.             $1.59            Greenhills                    2/27 - 3/1

Non food

Angel soft bath tissue     4 reg rolls        $1.00          Dollar General           2/11 - 3/2
Best choice bath tissue                           $3.98          Country Mart             2/27 - 3/ 5
 (24 reg or 12 dbl rolls)

Hy-vee bleach                 96oz                 $1.28           Hy-vee                      2/27 - 3/ 5
Hy-vee paper plates     100 ct.                $1.49          Hy-vee                       2/27 -3/ 5

bleach 96 oz $1.00 Dollar Tree

Tuesday, February 26, 2013


Jambalaya is one of those yummy, stick-to-your-ribs kind of meals, that is quick and easy to throw together.  I love how colorful and flavorful it is!

Here is how I make mine:
Start with a pound of frozen shrimp, peeled and devained.

Thaw the shrimp quickly by spraying it with water.  Once it is thawed, pull off all of the cute little tails.
Then heat a large skillet over med-high heat, and get ready to prep your veggies.

Chop 1-1/2 cups of celery, 1 medium onion and one sweet bell pepper ( I used an orange one here).
Oil your hot skillet with a couple of tablespoons of extra virgin olive oil and toss your veggies in.
Cook until the veggies are tender.
While those are going, chop 3 cloves of garlic.
When the other veggies are tender, toss the garlic into the skillet, the stir in 2 cups of chicken broth, one 14.5 oz. can of tomatoes.  Cut 8 oz. of kielbasa sausage into 1/2 inch slices and toss those into the skillet along with 3/4 cup uncooked long grain rice.
Next, you will need to toss in your spices.
You will add 1 bay leaf, 1 tsp of Italian seasoning blend, 1/2 tsp of thyme and 1/4 tsp of red pepper flakes.
Stir everything together and bring to boiling.
Reduce heat, and simmer with the skillet covered for 15 minutes.
Next, you add the shrimp.
Stir the shrimp and allow it to simmer until they are warmed through.
Then, enjoy!

I like to serve jambalaya with spicy corn on the cob.
(Slather the corn with butter, then season with a sprinkle of salt and chili powder.)

Here is my list of ingredients:
1 lb. of frozen peeled and deveined shrimp
1 med. onion, chopped
1-1/2 celery, chopped
1 sweet bell pepper, chopped
3 cloves of garlic, chopped
2 tbs of extra virgin olive oil
2 cups of chicken broth
1  14oz can of diced tomatoes, undrained
8 oz. of kielbasa sausage, cut into 1/2 inch slices
3/4 cup of long grain rice
1/2 tsp of thyme
1 tsp of Italian seasoning
1/4 tsp of red pepper flakes
1 bay leaf

All Purpose Cleaner

I have this cleaner that I have been making for years...and I love love love it!!! I use it to clean my bathrooms every single day, mirror, shower, tub, sink, toilet.  It cleans it all.  I use it to clean my windows, counters, floors, sink, stove, ect.  It truly is all purpose, and it costs pennies to make.
Here is what you need:
1 - 32 oz. spray bottle
1 tsp. dish soap
1 TBSP. ammonia (I'm using lemon.)
1 TBSP. lemon juice
2 TBSP. vinegar (I'm using orange.)
1/3 cup rubbing alcohol
Using a funnel, begin by adding the dish soap into the empty spray bottle.  Follow that with the lemon juice, vinegar and ammonia.  These are your cleaning agents.
Next, pour in your rubbing alcohol. This helps the cleaner to be streak free. It also gives it some extra germ killing power.
Fill your bottle the rest of the way with cold tap water, slap on the spray top and give your bottle a little shake.  Then grab a towel and go to town cleaning.  Just beware, the first time you make this, you should give yourself plenty of extra time to clean.  You are going to go from room to room spraying and wiping everything in sight, just to see how awesome it cleans ;)

I always mix mine in batches of 3. One to keep in each bathroom and one for the kitchen.

Another great deal

At Target or comp price at Walmart
you can Buy 2 Ortega Seasoning Mix Packets $0.60, price cut through 3/9 

Use one $1.00/2 – Ortega Products – ( $0.50/2 Ortega Product from SS 1/13 (exp 3/31)
Final Price: $0.10 each, when you buy 2 


Orange Vinegar

One of my favorite home cleaners is vinegar...add some orange oil to that and it improves the cleaning quality of the vinegar immensely!  So, how do you add the orange oil?  Where do you get orange oil?  From oranges of course!
To make orange oil, drop the peels of oranges into a jar.  Here I have 2 orange peels in 1 old pasta sauce jar.  Pour plain white vinegar over the peels, seal the jar and let it set for at least 2 weeks.  When you are ready to use your vinegar, simply strain out the orange peels and toss them into your compost.  I often pour my orange vinegar into a clean, recycled squirt bottle so that it is easy to squirt into a bucket, sink or measuring spoon.

I love using orange vinegar in my mop water, in my homemade all-purpose cleaner and in my rinse-aid compartment of my dishwasher.

Friday, February 22, 2013

A great day Comp/coupon shopping

Today was another great day Comp/coupon shopping.  Total product $402.86 minus $88.01 comp savings and $56.66 coupons that total cost $258.19.  Not bad for $402.86 worth of stuff.
Some of my great deals was -  Walmart prices in ( ).
Country Mart - Tyson breaded chicken 16 - 29 oz. $3.99 ($6.98) coupon .75/1 - SS 1/27
Price Chopper - Crystal light to go 7 - 10 ct. $1.49  ( $2.48)
Country Mart - S/B wheat sandwich bread 24 oz. $.77 ($1.38)
Price Chopper - Campbells tomato soup 10.75 oz. $.49 ($.79) coupon .40/4 SS 2/10
Hyvee - Campbell soup on the go or micro bowl 10 -15 oz. $1.  ($1.48) coupon .75/2 SS 2/10
Country Mart - Chicken of the Sea tuna 5oz. .47 (.94)
Price Chopper - Planters peanuts 16 oz. $2.49 ($3.50) coupon $1/2
Aldi - 3# bag yellow onion $.79 ($2.48)
Aldi - 8 oz. mushrooms .79 ($1.78)
countrymart - bottom rump beef roast $2.59 ($3.49)
country mart - boneless pork chops $1.98 ($3.68)
Hyvee - 16 oz S/B butter $1.99 ($2.78)

There are a lot more great sales.  Check out the ads match up your coupons and have a wonderful time Comp/coupon shopping. ~ Ethel

Thursday, February 21, 2013

Hot Cocoa

Today is one of those days, where just looking out the window freezes you to the core.
My honey should be home soon.  He has been out driving in this mess all morning.  Driving and delivering and freezing.  But, I have something ready and waiting.  Something that will warm him through!
Hot Cocoa.  He likes his with lots of marshmallows!


These are the basic ingredients:
4 cups of instant nonfat dry milk powder
2 cups of sugar
1 cup of powdered non-dairy creamer
2/3 cup unsweetened cocoa
1 package of instant store-bought chocolate or vanilla pudding mix (French Vanilla pudding mix is amazing in this cocoa.
 Pour all of those ingredients into a large bowl.  (Be sure that you manage to make a mess of it all over your secret ingredient, it makes it taste better.)  Then dip into your secret ingredient...instant coffee.  I use this decaf. kind, only for coffee mixes.  If you mix 1 tablespoon of this into your cocoa, something wonderful happens.  Don't worry, it doesn't turn it into a coffee drink.  Just this little bit makes you cocoa taste more like chocolate.  Try it.  I dare ya!
If you want you mix to be a finer, more uniform grain, you can pulse it in a blender.
At this point, you can pour it into a container and wrap it up for a nice gift.
 you can enjoy a nice steamy, creamy cup with your lunch, right away.

Stir 1/3 cup of cocoa mix into 1 cup of hot water.  Top with mini marshmallows.

Wednesday, February 20, 2013

New Ads are Here

We have the new ads posted check them out.  They are on the right hand side of the blog.  Click on the name of the store that you want to see the ad and it will take you to it.

Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Preview the Smartsource newspaper coupons coming out next Sunday here:  coupon mom is one of my favorite sites to go  and find help for my savings.  It is good to know what coupons are coming out so that you can plan them in your shopping trip.      ~ Ethel

A Great Cereal Deal at Target!

You get a free $5 gift card when you buy 5 cereals listed:
Selected 9 - 14 oz. General Mills cereal is $2.50
The ad notes that there are other selected breakfast items included in the offer.

I have also found several General Mills coupons online...I will be sure to put a link at the end of this post!

Using a 50 cent Cheerios coupon, you could get 5 boxes of Cheerios for $2 per box. At the end of the transaction you will be rewarded with a $5 gift card for your next shopping trip or transaction.  That would be like getting the cereal for $1 per box.  Splitting your purchases into two transactions in one trip will make that savings immediate! 

Monday, February 18, 2013

Homemade Laundry Soap

I have been making my own laundry soap for 3 or 4 years now.  I have tried many recipes.  I have made liquid, gel and powdered.  This is my absolute favorite recipe.
2 Bars of Fels-Naptha
1/2 cup Oxy-clean (I often just use the cheaper brand.)
1 cup of powdered Tide or any powdered detergent that is on sale (HM detergent can cause whites to turn gray if you have hard water, which I have, a little bit of Tide solves that problem.)
2 cups of Washing Soda (Not Baking Soda)
2 cups of Borax
Optional:  1 Tbsp of Dawn dish soap
                1 bottle of Downy or Purex Scent Booster
                 A few drops of essential oil

Grate up your two bars of Fels-Naptha with a beat-up old box grater.

Toss your soap slivers into your food processor and add the Tide and Oxy-clean.  Then pulse until...
the little slivers are broken up and mixed with the powders, making it a sand-like texture. If you want to add a grease busting boost, add a tablespoon of your favorite dish soap and pulse more.  If you want more scent, add a few drops of your favorite essential oil and pulse again.

Dump the mixture into a big bowl and add the borax and washing soda.  Sometimes the borax can be clumpy, sifting it helps, but if you don't want to mess with that, just give it a good stir.  Stir it until it is completely mixed in. At this point, you could also stir in the Downy or Purex Scent Booster. It really is fine without it, but if you like your laundry to have a stronger scent, this will do it.

Transfer it into your handy dandy container and toss in a measuring scoop.  For a regular washing machine, you will add 2 Tablespoons into the running water.  For an He machine, you will use 1 Tablespoon.

This is what it looks like with the Downy Scent Boosters mixed in.

 Making homemade laundry soap saves me quite a bit of money.  One recipe lasts about 2 months.  When I can find the ingredients on sale and purchase it with coupons, it is even less expensive!  I like that I am aware of the product and can control the ingredients.  I hope that by making up my own, I am exposing my family to fewer harmful chemicals.  I do know that this recipe has given our sensitive skin no complaints.

Spending less on home care products allows you to have a little more grocery money, which is always a good thing!

Sunday, February 17, 2013

What a wonderful day Comp. shopping

A few of my great deals Comp./coupon shopping today.
  My total product before comp. and coupons was $238.28 minus comp. savings -$53.38 and minus coupon savings -$32.38  a total cost to me $ 152.52.  That is a $85.76 total savings.  Gotta love it.
Wal-mart normal prices are in  ( ) .

A few of my great deals were 3#  Navel Oranges $1.49 Aldi  ($3.98)
Strawberries 16 oz. .99 Aldi ($1.98)
Kraft Miracle Whip 30oz. $2.99 country mart (3.88) coupon $1 off 1 making it $1.99
Hy vee brand frozen vegetables 10-16 oz. .77 (1.38 great value brand)
93% ground beef $2.99#  Greenhills ($4.88#)
pork steak - piggly wiggly $1.39 #  (1.98#)
Kelloggs Scooby Doo, Cinnamon Jacks, Frosted Mini wheats crunch $2.00 (2.98) coupon .70 = $1.30@
 the size on the cereal is 10.8 to 18.3 oz sale at Hy vee.
Scotch Brite Dis. wipes clearance $2.  with a bogo (buy one get one free) coupon $1. each.
Stride gum  14 pc. $.96  used a  $.50 coupon making it .46
ID gum $1.  used a bogo coupon making it .50
This is only a few of my great deals make sure you check you adds.   I may be from a different area so policies may not be the same. Also always check your coupons to match sales.

In this Sundays Paper there are two Monday one day sales ads HyVee and Price Chopper.
Price Chopper has Kellogg's Corn flakes on sale for $1.49 10.5 to 12 oz.  there is also a coupon in this Sundays Red Plum for $1/2 this make the cereal $.99 get your ads and check out the rest of the great deals.

- Ethel

Friday, February 15, 2013

How Rebecca Makes a Shopping List

Making a shopping list, and shopping strictly from that list is a sure-fire way to save some money on groceries.  I have several steps I go through each week to ensure I buy only what I need and to help me save money with sales and coupons.
This can be a time consuming process, so I spread out the work throughout the week and spend only the amount of time I can afford to spend. Some weeks, I just don't have much time and may have to skip a step or two. Doing any of these steps saves some money and is worth the trouble.

Step 1: Collect Ads and Coupons -  Newspapers, fliers, mailbox inserts, online. I stash them in a file folder until I am ready to scope them out.

Step 2: Make a Sales Comp. List - I scour my sales ads looking for things that are great deals, and things that I would buy.  I only write down items that fit both criteria.  I am not interested in things that I don't need.

Step 3: Make an On Hand List - This is where I look over my pantry, fridge, freezer and cabinets to see what I have stashed in there that needs to be used up.

Step 4: Make a Menu - Set out your comp. list and your on hand list.  Study both and make up some meals using items on both of these.

Step 5: Clip Coupons:  With your sales and menu items in mind, clip coupons that you may need.  If you need cereal and there is no sale, go ahead and grab all of your cereal coupons, you never know what you may find on sale that wasn't advertised.

Step 6: Make Your List - Look over your menu and list each and every item that you need.  Mark the items you will be using on your comp. list, so that they are easy to find while you are in the store.  Staple these two together.  You will need them both in the store.  I also paper clip my coupons to my lists as well, but for those of you who use a binder, you may just want to slip your lists in there.

 I always take my ads with me when I shop and when I am selecting items, I always check generic prices against my comp. list and coupons.  I want to be sure I am getting the best deal.  I also an lucky enough to have an Aldi store nearby.  That is always my first stop.  Most times their prices are already lower than sales prices.  Plus, they always have awesome produce sales. 

Thursday, February 14, 2013

It looks like there are some great sales this week on Kraft items and great coupons to go with them.
Kraft salad dressings 14-16 oz. $1.69 at Country Mart or Apple Market with $1/2 coupon
Kraft Miracle Whip 30 oz. $2.99 at Country Mart with $1/1 coupon
Kraft Velveta 32 oz.  $4.99 at Country Mart with $1/1 coupon
these are great deals and you find these coupons on line at

Peanut Butter Shortbread Sandwich Cookies

My Valentine loves peanut butter cookies.  So, today that is exactly what he is getting! 
A whole plate of them, just for Him!!!

Here is the Recipe for you:
1 3/4 cups flour
1/8 tsp baking powder
1/2 tsp salt
1 1/2 sticks butter
7 1/2 tbsp creamy or crunchy peanut butter
5 tbsp sugar
6 tbsp brown sugar
3/4 tsp vanilla 
1 egg
Combine dry ingredients in one bowl and wet ingredients in another.  Beat on medium low speed until thoroughly combined. Wrap in plastic wrap and chill in refrigerator for 1 - 2 hours.  After chilling, roll out on a floured surface and cut into desired shape.  Bake on parchment lined cookie sheet, at 325* for 15 - 20 minutes or until edges begin to slightly brown.  Cool on cookie sheet for 5 minutes before moving over to a cooling wrack.

3 tbsp butter
1/2 cup creamy or crunchy peanut butter
2 cups of powdered sugar
3 -4 tbsp milk (use more or less to reach desired consistency)
Spread filling on cooled cookies and top with another cooled cookie.  Enjoy with a cool glass of milk.

Homemade Air Freshener

A great way to save money is to make your own cleaners and home care products. I am excited to share this one with you, as is has improved our lives GREATLY today!
See this beautiful guy, his name is Abe.  We adopted him a week ago.  He is the sweetest.  He is the stinkiest.  He has spent the last, who knows how long, scavenging for food.  I buy the best extra powerful kitty litter, and I keep his box clean, but he has to power to overpower my home with his stink.
 Well, this morning I broke out my super deodorizers.  I added a little extra essential oil. Placed one air freshener next to each litter box and so far so good!  Here is the recipe:
1 mason jar
1 lid with holes punched into the top
1/2 cup borax
1/2 cup baking soda
30 drops or a little squirt of lavender oil
You can use as much or little of the oil as you like.  You can also use any scent you prefer.

Stir the mixture up together.  Tighten down the lid and place the jar in your stinky spot. 


Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Ads for the Week of Feb. 20 to 26

Ad Match Guarantee
 Comp list 2/20 to 2/26
Price Chopper

Country Mart

Apple Market

Piggly Wiggly



Target (2/17 to 23)

Dollar General (2/17 to 24)

CVS (2/17 to 23)

Walgreens (2/17 to 23)

These are the links to the ads so that you can comp.  Please remember to pick up your ads if your store requires you to have them.  Check the store policy.

Monday, February 11, 2013

Comp shopping and coupons

What is comping or comp shopping?  Well if you have seen the
commercial on television for Walmart they ad match, or match
competitors prices.  There are other stores that also comp that i
have heard of but my preference is to shop at one store, with the
gas prices as they are and the convenience of shopping at one store.
To comp you need to get your ads to all the stores that is allowed in
your area.  All Walmart stores could have different policies.  Please
go on line to and print one off or go to your local
walmart and pick one up.  This will tell you what they will allow.
After you have your ads go though and look at all the sales.  Most stores have a get you in awesome sale.
Write these sales down, put the store, the product, the size and the price.  An example would be Country Mart (CM) I use a lot of initials for short when i make my list.  You can do what ever makes you comfortable, then the product - Kraft Velveta, 32oz.,$4.99.  Make sure to take your ads with you.
I know this sounds like a lot of work but it is so worth it if you save 50% or more on your shopping.
If you match these sales with a coupon you save even more.  You also need to make sure the dates on the sale has not expired.  Some stores have special one, two or three day sales.  These are usually the really good ones.  Sales ads usually come out on Wednesday in your local shopper or paper.

Coupons are found in different places the Sunday paper, I find that the larger cities have more coupons than the smaller cities.  For example, in my area the Kansas City Sunday paper has double the coupons than the St. Joseph paper.  You pay a little more for it but you save more money with more coupons.  Another source I use is the "all you magazine"  found at the check out in walmart.  I get mine from ordering a subscription through the local girl scouts at a much lower rate.  I believe that they are selling magazines at this time.  You also find them as peelies on products in the store or catalinas.  These come out with your reciept. Not all stores have catalinas, walmart does not.  You can also get coupons on line, I like going to different web sites to get these.  A few or  There are many more sources of finding
coupons.  The big savings come with sales coupled with coupons.  And if you have a store that double or triple coupons this can be another big savings but can be really tricky.  You must read the policy of the store first.  Our only store that double coupons don't allow you to double on sales and you can only double 10 coupons up to .99, every once in a while on some products you can find a free or almost free product.

An example of my savings for the week of 2/6-2/12 I got 10# of russet for .88  reg. price $2.50
Dunkin hine cake mix, .99 paired with a .50 coupon = .49  reg price 1.38,  80% ground beef $1.98 reg price $3.38, Store brand cottage cheese 24 oz. $1.77 reg price $2.68.  If you find a store brand sale like Hyvee brand, always save or best choice brand you substitute it for walmart brand which is great value.
My total product of my grocery shopping would of cost me $139.17 but with comping & couponing  I paid $78.63 and saved $60.54.  - Ethel

Sunday, February 10, 2013

Who We Are and What The Heck We Are Doin'!?!

We are two Northern Missouri girls, a mother and daughter who spend hours on the phone each week planning menus, discussing sales and searching for coupons and bargains.  In the winter we bake up a storm. Bread, Pies, Cakes, Cookies and More! Homemade is always better, less expensive, yummier and healthier.  In the summer we grow some of our own goodies and fish, bringing fresh food to the table.
Ethel is a daycare provider with 5 children of her own.  Her children are all grown and have children of their own.  Ethel is also known as Granny to her 12 grandchildren.
In what little spare time she has, her hobbies are: couponing, saving money, fishing and cooking for her family.
Rebecca is a stay-at-home mom with 2 children. She enjoys baking, especially cakes and pies, growing flowers, fruits and veggies and spending time with her family.  She works hard making  her house a home and loves making homemade cleaners.  Her family just moved into a new house out in the country where their 2 dogs and 2 cats keep them busy in the great outdoors. She also volunteers as a Sunday School teacher and Girl Scout Troop leader.

Stay tuned for our adventures in saving money each week and puttin' food on the table.