Monday, February 11, 2013

Comp shopping and coupons

What is comping or comp shopping?  Well if you have seen the
commercial on television for Walmart they ad match, or match
competitors prices.  There are other stores that also comp that i
have heard of but my preference is to shop at one store, with the
gas prices as they are and the convenience of shopping at one store.
To comp you need to get your ads to all the stores that is allowed in
your area.  All Walmart stores could have different policies.  Please
go on line to and print one off or go to your local
walmart and pick one up.  This will tell you what they will allow.
After you have your ads go though and look at all the sales.  Most stores have a get you in awesome sale.
Write these sales down, put the store, the product, the size and the price.  An example would be Country Mart (CM) I use a lot of initials for short when i make my list.  You can do what ever makes you comfortable, then the product - Kraft Velveta, 32oz.,$4.99.  Make sure to take your ads with you.
I know this sounds like a lot of work but it is so worth it if you save 50% or more on your shopping.
If you match these sales with a coupon you save even more.  You also need to make sure the dates on the sale has not expired.  Some stores have special one, two or three day sales.  These are usually the really good ones.  Sales ads usually come out on Wednesday in your local shopper or paper.

Coupons are found in different places the Sunday paper, I find that the larger cities have more coupons than the smaller cities.  For example, in my area the Kansas City Sunday paper has double the coupons than the St. Joseph paper.  You pay a little more for it but you save more money with more coupons.  Another source I use is the "all you magazine"  found at the check out in walmart.  I get mine from ordering a subscription through the local girl scouts at a much lower rate.  I believe that they are selling magazines at this time.  You also find them as peelies on products in the store or catalinas.  These come out with your reciept. Not all stores have catalinas, walmart does not.  You can also get coupons on line, I like going to different web sites to get these.  A few or  There are many more sources of finding
coupons.  The big savings come with sales coupled with coupons.  And if you have a store that double or triple coupons this can be another big savings but can be really tricky.  You must read the policy of the store first.  Our only store that double coupons don't allow you to double on sales and you can only double 10 coupons up to .99, every once in a while on some products you can find a free or almost free product.

An example of my savings for the week of 2/6-2/12 I got 10# of russet for .88  reg. price $2.50
Dunkin hine cake mix, .99 paired with a .50 coupon = .49  reg price 1.38,  80% ground beef $1.98 reg price $3.38, Store brand cottage cheese 24 oz. $1.77 reg price $2.68.  If you find a store brand sale like Hyvee brand, always save or best choice brand you substitute it for walmart brand which is great value.
My total product of my grocery shopping would of cost me $139.17 but with comping & couponing  I paid $78.63 and saved $60.54.  - Ethel

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