Monday, June 3, 2013

This is Poison Ivy- Gardeners Beware!

 This beautiful plant with the clusters of 3 leaves, is poison ivy.  Most people are allergic.  The oils from this plant, which are rubbed onto you with even the slightest contact, cause a raised blistery rash that itches so bad it will make you crazy!  Please be aware of what this plant looks like.  When you are harvesting in the garden, or out in nature, be aware of this stuff growing around you.
This is also poison ivy.
Poison ivy vines and is often found in the timber or trees climbing right up the trunks.
This is a rose.
This is poison ivy.
It can also be found in the grass.
Notice the three leaves.
These are sunflowers.
They are babies...aren't they cute!
These are poison ivy. Not so cute!
Gooseberries.  Lots of poison around the berry bushes!
Snapdragons.  Lots of poison under these snapdragons.
Poison Ivy.

Poison Ivy.
Got it? 
Leaves of 3 ~ Leave them Be!

Think you are one of those folks who are not allergic. Still be careful because a sensitivity can rare it's ugly head at any moment.  When it does, you will itch.  Like Crazy.  For about a Month.
Happy Itch Free Gardening!

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