Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Chocolate Covered Strawberry Popcorn

Chocolate Covered Strawberry Popcorn & Donna's Caramel Popcorn
I have been making chocolate covered strawberry popcorn for the Farmer's Market.  This stuff is amazing.  Kids and husbands gobble it up.  Moms and grandmas hide it in the cupboard so that they can gobble in peace.  Chocolate covered strawberry popcorn is good stuff.
However, due to it's drizzle of chocolate, it isn't holding up in the heat and sunshine at the market.  So, we won't be making it to sell, but trust me we will still be making it to eat.  And, so should you.  Here is the recipe:
1&1/2 cups un-popped popcorn, popped
(This makes 6-7 quarts, so have a couple of large bowls ready)
1 lb. of white chocolate, melted
8 tbsp. strawberry cake mix
chocolate chips, divided, melt half
decorating sprinkles

In a large bowl, or a couple, quickly drizzle white chocolate all over popcorn. Sprinkle dry cake mix over melty white chocolate and stir well.  You have to work quickly, in fact, it helps to divide the chocolate and cake mix in two batches, drizzle, sprinkle, stir, drizzle, sprinkle, stir. Spread the popcorn mixture out on a large, wax paper covered surface. Using the back of your spoon, press down the popcorn, so that is in one flat single layer.  Using a fork, drizzle half of the chocolate chips over all of the popcorn, before it melts, toss on the decorating sprinkles.  Drop the rest of the chocolate chips evenly over the mixture.  Allow all of the chocolate to harden.  Store in sealed bags or covered containers.

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