Sunday, May 19, 2013

Tip of the Day

What to do with all those newspapers after I have finished clipping my coupons?  Well, there are several ways to recycle newspaper, besides using them for packaging breakables and washing windows.  I use mine in my compost pile.  It is used just like you would use dead leaves as a brown compost.  Just shred it up and throw it in.  Make sure only to use the black and white pages, colored inks may contain heavy metals or other toxic materials and should not be used.

 Remember to use green along with the brown compost so that it can break down properly.  Your green compost is the kitchen waste like vegetable and fruit waste, coffee grounds, grass clippings, garden waste.  Your Brown is the dead leaves, paper, wood ash, saw dust, pine needles, straw, vegetable stalks.  ~ Ethel

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