Tuesday, May 7, 2013

Reduce the Number of Bugs in Your Yard! ~ Tip of the Day!

Looking for a natural, safe and amusing way to reduce the number of bugs in your yard?  Well, invite the birds over! Setting out bird feeders encourages our feathered friends to dine over at your place.  You won't only attract seed eaters alone, in fact many birds eat both seeds and bugs.  You will notice many of the birds eating down on the ground. They are not only eating seed that has spilled out of the feeder, but they eat bugs too.  Even the smallest visitors, the hummingbirds eat bugs.  So, don't forget to leave some nectar out for them!
While your bugs are being eaten, you will also get quite a bit of entertainment!
If you are brave enough, and your city ordinance allows it, you could also employ some domestic birds to help you out.
These birds come with a promise of fresh eggs, but they are not quite as inexpensive as their wild cousins.

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