Saturday, March 23, 2013

Couponing Tip of the Day

Watch the cashier. When checking out pay close attention to the price screen to make sure everything rings up at the correct price. Also, make sure that the cashier scans all of your coupons. Coupons sometimes stick together or get dropped or the cashier will scan the coupon but not realize that it didn’t go through. Kindly point out that they missed one and they will correct it.
Check your receipt. BEFORE leaving the store look over your receipt to make sure everything rang up correctly and all of your coupons were scanned. If there is a problem take it to customer service immediately so they can fix it. If you leave the store and come back at another time then it might not be fixable. If the cashier missed a coupon and you notice right away it’s easy to see the mistake. But, if you come back later after several other coupons have been added to the cashier’s stack or the stack is gone then there is no way to prove that they missed a coupon.
I made this mistake and lost several dollars in savings.  It helps to have a partner to unload your cart while you do your price match and coupons so you can keep an eye on things.  I have been charged more than the products regular price becouse i didn't pay attention and I aslo have had coupons that were not taken off.  This is very dissappointing if you don't catch it off hand.  
~ Ethel

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