Monday, March 18, 2013

How to make a coupon binder

Organizing coupons in a binder by category requires a few hours of time each week to clip and sort       coupons.  I usually spend an hour to 90 minutes on a Sunday evening.
This method makes preparing to shop quick and easy because coupons are already clipped and organized!  Plus, when you find a clearance item in the store, it only takes 20 seconds to flip to the right category and find the needed coupon.

Use Baseball Card Holders to hold clipped coupons (Find at Target, Walmart, eBay, etc). Spend no more than about $5 for 30 pages. Most binders need around 60 pages.
Label you pages by sections I use stick on tabs.  For example … Air fresheners, Baby,
             Cleaners, Dish soap, Laundry, Baggies/foil, Health, Make up, Hair care, Body wash/soap,       lotion/lip, paper towels, toilet tissue, ect.  I use 2 binders one for my food products and one for my non-food.  What ever works best for you.  You can put your food in the front of you binder and non-food in the back.

 I use an old zip up note book that was laying around from my highschool children It is handy because it has zipper pouches which is handy for scissors, pens, highlighters ect.  The zipper also helps keep coupons in side when you accidently drop it,  (That would be me ).  But a binder like pictured above will do just fine.  ~ Ethel

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