Friday, March 15, 2013

How to start couponing

If you want to start couponing then you are going to want the best coupons.  How do you get the best coupons?  Most of these will be in the newspapers.  About 70-80% of the coupons you use when coupon shopping will come from the newspaper inserts,  (Sunday).  While the other 20-30% will be printable coupons, digital coupons, peelies, blinkies, coupons that come with free samples, ect.

How to get Coupons?
You don't have to run around like a mad man (or woman) collecting every coupon you see.  There are ways to make it easy.

The first place to get coupons is from the Newspaper.  Every region has different coupons (like here in Missouri we get different coupons than they get in Florida, ect.)  I usually get 4 papers while some only get two.
The Next place you will get coupons is online.  There are printable and digital coupons, as well as mobile coupons that you can take advantage of.  ( All truth be told I have never tried digital or mobile coupons.)  That is an adventure I may have to take in the future.  Maybe we can attempt this together.

Another place I like to get coupons is the All you magazine located in walmart at the check out stand.  I order mine yearly from the girl scouts It cost less this way. It usually is loaded with high value coupons.

Printable coupon sites:

Manufactures sites are also a great place to look.

You will be able to find coupons attached to products at the stores, on tear pads, in blinkie machines in the aisles, in your mail and more.

Next is How to Get Organized

Organization is a big key to get you on the right track.  If you are not organized it will not be fun and you will stop doing it because it is too time consuming to find your coupons.

There are two main ways to do this, but do whatever works best for you.  The first is the folder method.
You date the cover of your inserts as you get them and then file them in a folder marked with the date.  Then
when you find deals with the name of the insert and date on it all you have to do is flip through it and cut out only the coupons you need for that shopping trip.    The other method ( I prefer) is to use a binder.  It can be alot of work and can be a little overwhelming at times.  You will need to get a large binder ( at least 2") I use one that zips shut with pockets and has a separate file section that also zips closed.  But just a plain plastic binder works great.  And then you will need baseball card 9x sheets.  Organize these sheets into groups like dairy, freezer, meats ect.  and you will put like coupons into each pocket.  Each different coupon goes into its own pocket.  Some stores have plastic coupon sheets I found some in the craft section (by the silk flowers and sewing dept.)  The advantage of this method is that it is easier to find your coupons.  The disadvantage is the time it takes clipping all the coupons, inserting and discarding out dated one.

You will also want to print out each stores coupon policy and keep it in your binder.
~ Ethel

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