Saturday, April 13, 2013

April Gardening Checklist

1. Plant potatoes, peas, spinach, lettuce and other leafy greens and onions if you haven't already.
Radishes, onions, lettuce, garlic, peas and potatoes are all in the ground.
This is a firs year bed.  I will be doing plenty of weeding and mulching!
2. Harden off cabbage and plant. Be sure to protect by covering on super cold days/nights.
3. Start basil, tomato & pepper seedlings - indoors.
We have started nasturtium too.  Well, okay, I confess.  I killed my seed sown basil and so I bought a new plant to replace it because I couldn't wait to have fresh basil.  It is important to keep your seedlings well me

4. Plant new beds of asparagus, rhubarb & strawberries.
My asparagus is in the ground.  After a few weeks the plants will be up and I will cover them again with the piled up soil.
5. Plant new shrubs and trees.
6. Fertilize established plants with compost and/or Epsom salts.
7. Divide clumping perennials.
This bad boy seriously needs to be divided and moved.  He also needs the John Deere tractors cleaned out of him.
8. Mulch between and around berries.
9. Plant pansies.  Yes, you can do this even if it snows again this week.  Lord. please don't let it snow again!
10. Direct sow seed poppies, alyssum, bachelor buttons, cosmos and calendulas.
11. Pull any weeds that have already started.  This will save you a lot of headache later on.
12. Remove leaf debris from beds and store for mulch or compost. Check out my free mulch link here!
13. Prune back roses.
Source: Garden Wisdom and Know-How - Rodale Gardening Books

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