Thursday, April 11, 2013

Tip of the Day - An Organized Check-out

When you are comp. shopping and/or couponing, it is important to keep your product organized in a way that it makes the job of the cashier a little easier.  Trust me, this will greatly benefit you, especially in the cashier's attitude toward you and the speed in which your transaction is completed.  Keep all of the items that you will be comping together.  Have them checked out either at the beginning or the end of the transaction.  Be sure you have an organized list so that you can quickly tell the cashier the new price, the store the sale price is from and the date of the ad.  Although Walmart's policy has changed to make it easier, I still find it helpful to have any ads you are using with you.  I do still get asked if I have the ad.  It is faster for me to find the add than it is for the cashier to go to the service desk.  
If you are using coupons, I find it easier to to place all of the items you are using coupons for, at the end of the transaction.  Sometimes a cashier has to pull an item out of a bag and look to see if it matches the coupon.  If the register doesn't accept it and it is correct, the cashier can still punch in the savings.  Any 
bogo coupon items should be very last.  The cashier will have to write the price of these items on the coupon.  If it is the last item scanned, the price will be very easy to find.  I also find that it helps to have the bogo coupon scanned last as well. 

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