Friday, April 5, 2013

Printable Menus

I like to write out my menus and hang them on the fridge.  It makes meal prep easier.  I can look at it early in the day and know when I need to start supper and what I need to start.  It also helps me keep from stressing out during a busy week.  If I have to take the kids to ball practice, then I know I need to plan something quick and easy for that day.  If I have it written down and posted on my fridge, then I won't forget what I had planned.
Sometimes, I make a more detailed menu.  This is helpful for weeks when I have several events going on and I want to remember to make a specific crock-pot meal for one day, then a 15 minute grab and go meal on another day.  I also use this when I have a few special meals to plan for in the week, such as a birthday meal or a holiday meal.
Here is a template for that kind of menu:  You can print it out and use it if you would like.
Weekly Menu Template

Other times, I take a more relaxed approach.  This is when I need a little less control during a less stressful week, or when I have to quickly throw together a menu and don't have time to be so detailed.  I always try to make a good mix of quick and easy meals, crock-pot meals and take-your-time-country-cookin' kind of meals.
Here is a template for my weekly meal plan:  You can print it out and use it too.
Weekly Meal Template

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