Saturday, April 13, 2013

Tip of the Day - Grow Lettuce!

You can buy this beautiful artisan lettuce at Aldi right now for $1.99 a pack.  It's about a dollar more at Walmart.
You can plant your own! 
One pack of seed cost less than a pack of lettuce and you will harvest at least 10 times more!
It is a cool season plant that needs to be planted early in the spring.
It can be sown in a pot or bed. 
Cut leaf lettuces just above the ground when harvesting and it will grow back again and again.
It does fizzle out or bolt when the weather heats up, but can be replanted again in the fall.
It only takes 4 - 6 weeks from planting until harvest.
Leaf lettuce is extremely easy to grow!

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